High-level black up to highest level black—Nike has released dark black FootballX sneaker pack

In recent years, all black football sneakers are especially favored by the manufacturers. Almost all versions of the football sneakers will include the all baclk one. Two months ago, Nike released the Pitch Dark Pack with Mercurial, Hypervenom, and Tiempo series at first, and the Magista series came one month later. With the completed four versions, Nike introduced dark black version into the small-side Football sneaker pack, bringing the dark into the streets and grass lawn.
The FootballX Pitch Dark Collection released now includes only MagistaX, MercurialX, and HypervenomX. Dark TiempoX is not included because TiempoX’s dark color was released earlier.
FootballX is the small-side football pack for the replacement of FC247 seires. With the replacement, Nike’s footballX pack is being positioned higher, and is gradually catching up with football packs in rich versions. Of course, the prices are also going up along. For now, the FootballX has four series: MagistaX, MercurialX, HypervenomX, and TiempoX. From their names, it is not difficult to know they are derived from the full-side football sneakers.
FootballX is particular with its materials. The best FootballX is used the full-side football sneaker’s vamp with IC or TP shoe sole, and is sold for 120 to 140 euros. Compared to the full-side football sneakers, the price is lower but it is among the top of footballX. The time when footballX sneaker equaled cheap sneakers is gone, the footballX sneakers are no longer what they are before. FootballX has different levels. Taking MercurialX series as an example, the best one is MercurialX Proximo, then comes MercurialX Finale, and MercurialX Pro next, with lower prices and cheaper materials for customers with different demands to choose.

All the sneakers of FootballX are designed for the street, indoor, and man-made grass lawn. Usually every sneaker would have both IC and TF shoe soles for indoor, and man-made grass lawn. Compared with FG and AG versions, the IC and TF have better damping effects, reducing the pressure for the knee. It is better for the arthrosis when in worse fields. The comfort is considered in the design of every single football sneaker, and they can also be worn to go to streets sometimes, whose high-top is eye-catching.