Air Jordan 13“Black Cat”is for sale this month

As the coming of official sale of Air Jordan 13“Black Cat”, there are more pictures of this sneaker on exposure on the internet. The inspiration of this color is from black leopard so the shoe body is completely black. There are 3M reflection effects in the shoe surface, which makes this shoe outstanding. In the tone of black, the green eyes of cat at the shoe collar give the feeling of green leopard eyes. This color is incredibly good.
Except for the Air Jordan 13“Black Cat”for men, there are smaller size for women and children or babies.

Date for sale:2017-01-21


High-level black up to highest level black—Nike has released dark black FootballX sneaker pack

In recent years, all black football sneakers are especially favored by the manufacturers. Almost all versions of the football sneakers will include the all baclk one. Two months ago, Nike released the Pitch Dark Pack with Mercurial, Hypervenom, and Tiempo series at first, and the Magista series came one month later. With the completed four versions, Nike introduced dark black version into the small-side Football sneaker pack, bringing the dark into the streets and grass lawn.
The FootballX Pitch Dark Collection released now includes only MagistaX, MercurialX, and HypervenomX. Dark TiempoX is not included because TiempoX’s dark color was released earlier.
FootballX is the small-side football pack for the replacement of FC247 seires. With the replacement, Nike’s footballX pack is being positioned higher, and is gradually catching up with football packs in rich versions. Of course, the prices are also going up along. For now, the FootballX has four series: MagistaX, MercurialX, HypervenomX, and TiempoX. From their names, it is not difficult to know they are derived from the full-side football sneakers.
FootballX is particular with its materials. The best FootballX is used the full-side football sneaker’s vamp with IC or TP shoe sole, and is sold for 120 to 140 euros. Compared to the full-side football sneakers, the price is lower but it is among the top of footballX. The time when footballX sneaker equaled cheap sneakers is gone, the footballX sneakers are no longer what they are before. FootballX has different levels. Taking MercurialX series as an example, the best one is MercurialX Proximo, then comes MercurialX Finale, and MercurialX Pro next, with lower prices and cheaper materials for customers with different demands to choose.

All the sneakers of FootballX are designed for the street, indoor, and man-made grass lawn. Usually every sneaker would have both IC and TF shoe soles for indoor, and man-made grass lawn. Compared with FG and AG versions, the IC and TF have better damping effects, reducing the pressure for the knee. It is better for the arthrosis when in worse fields. The comfort is considered in the design of every single football sneaker, and they can also be worn to go to streets sometimes, whose high-top is eye-catching.

Taiwan Has the Largest OEM of Nike, Specializing in Jordan Shoes and Average Annual Salary for Each Employee Reaches More Than One Million RMB

The largest OEM of Nike is a shoe manufacturing factory located in Taiwan Yunlin. The factory, called Fengtai shoe manufacturing factory, makes a piar of shoes out of every six pair of Nike shoes. Its employees get off work at 5 o’color every day with salaries, bonuses, and pension. After caculation, each employee can get a total amount of 0.11 million RMB annually. In addition, this company also opens a kindergarten covering 6600 square meters with only 200 students. The rental for a single room in employees’ dormitory is only 1000 RMB. If you want to work extra hours, you need to apply to the CEO of the compay for that. What an amazing company!

                                                            The Largest OEM of Nike Is Located in Yulin
Not only the shoes on Jordan’s and Kobe’s feet, but also the one on LeBron James’s feet are all developed in Taiwan. The first R&D design center of Nike, called Fengtai shoe manufacturing company, is located in Yulin. It makes a piar of shoes out of every six pair of Nike shoes.

‘The thing that makes people jealousy is the average annual salary plus bonus and pension for each employee (2560 employees) is more than 1.1 million. The CEO Wang Qiuxiong said that the company needs many human resources. However, the company would not hire a large numbe of people all of a sudden. Moreover, the employee training is not easy.
Average Annual Salary of Each Employee in Fengtai Shoe Manufacturing Company Reaches More Than 1.1 Million

The Fengtai shoe manufacturing company has a kindergarten which is built 37 years ago and covers 6600 square meters with less than 200 students. The rental for a single room in employees’ dormitory is only 1000 RMB. The monthly salary for each employee is more than 0.04 million RMB.
From air cushion soles to sewed vamps, Fengtai shoe manufacturing company only takes the orders about expensive Jordan shoes. From a small shoe manufacturing factory with only 2 million, Fengtai shoe manufacturing company grows into a large company worthing more than hundred billion. The employee bonus is very good. Therefore, this company becomes many people’s top choice when looking for a job.

Nike releases the Dark Lightning series Football boots

With the gradual exposure of Red Limit series and the release of new generation of adidas ACE 17, adidas has been concentrated at once. However, Nike, the long time competitor, was not scared. In response, Nike releases the completely new Football boots series—Nike Dark Lightning!
The series cover all four kinds of Football boots of Nike, as well as Nike FootballX series. The vast black in the body matches some bright color, symbolling the night sky before a storm, and the white Swoosh becomes the lightening directly going to the match field.
Looking back to the past November, the release of the kangaroo skin version Tech craft 2.0 Football boots series, of the third chapter of CR7—discovery, and of the Dark Lightning Football boots series makes it a busy and fruitful month for Nike. Nike never makes us disappointed when bringing its new products to us, neither does the Dark Lightning series.
As mentioned, the new color will be applied to all the previous kinds of Football boots. In addition, do you still remember the Anti-clog, which has been released twice? This time, Hypervenom, Magista, and Tiempo series will use this dark technology, making it no longer a trouble for players for the mud stick in their Football boots.

Same as the omni lighting, Dark Lightning is the main color for this autumn and winter. These two series, one bright, the other dark, match each other. The choice, of course, is up to personal favors.

Brand New Color Design of Air Jordan 4 Premium and Air Jordan 5

Since the Pinnacle and Snakeskin versions, Jordan Brand has brought a brand new Premium version for Air Jordan 4 again. Made from high-quality blue leather, this pair of Obsidian shoes has vamps with exquisite sewing lines, leather-made shoe buckles, copper-made heels, and white air cushion insoles, creating an unparalleled luxury feeling. This pair of Air Jordan 4 Premium [Obsidian] shoes will be sold at $400 at specified stores since Sepetember, 17.
Following the Air Jordan 4 Premium [Obsidian] shoes, another pair of classic shoes of Jordan Brand, Air Jordan 5 will arrive with brand new colors. The pair of [Bronze] shoes makes people think about the previous [Gold Tongue] color in the aspect of design. However, the tongue and insole are gold bronze and the shoe body adopts the original leather constructure and is displayed with the deep blue color. In addition, the white air cushion insole combines with the semitransparent ice blue outsole. It is acknowledged that this pair of Air Jordan 5 [Bronze] shoes will be sold at $190 at specified stores on September, 24.