Nike releases the Dark Lightning series Football boots

With the gradual exposure of Red Limit series and the release of new generation of adidas ACE 17, adidas has been concentrated at once. However, Nike, the long time competitor, was not scared. In response, Nike releases the completely new Football boots series—Nike Dark Lightning!
The series cover all four kinds of Football boots of Nike, as well as Nike FootballX series. The vast black in the body matches some bright color, symbolling the night sky before a storm, and the white Swoosh becomes the lightening directly going to the match field.
Looking back to the past November, the release of the kangaroo skin version Tech craft 2.0 Football boots series, of the third chapter of CR7—discovery, and of the Dark Lightning Football boots series makes it a busy and fruitful month for Nike. Nike never makes us disappointed when bringing its new products to us, neither does the Dark Lightning series.
As mentioned, the new color will be applied to all the previous kinds of Football boots. In addition, do you still remember the Anti-clog, which has been released twice? This time, Hypervenom, Magista, and Tiempo series will use this dark technology, making it no longer a trouble for players for the mud stick in their Football boots.

Same as the omni lighting, Dark Lightning is the main color for this autumn and winter. These two series, one bright, the other dark, match each other. The choice, of course, is up to personal favors.