Nike Graffiti Sneaker AirForce 1, AirMax sports sneaker are so attractive

Nike has released a series of popular graffiti sneakers. From the most popular AirForce 1 to AirMax, there are many graffiti sneakers favored by sneakerheads.

Wrong design of the lines in layers

The classic SwooshLogo is shown by the outer structure. Its active and cool summer colors match young girls’ heart. The layers of the leather shows a great touching by matching. There is a heightening design at the end, which is specially designed for the young girls.

Details of the colors

It is a matching of the active candies and cool touching feeling. The wrong placing design creates a naughty style.

There are full of the graffiti at the sneaker end.

The graffiti replaces the former LOGO in the sneaker end.

NIKEAIRMAXDIA carton sneaker

AirMaxDiaSE uses crystal leather materials, and it has a cool linear design, matched with lovely berry blue and bright yellow for decoration. It is worth mentioning that there are full of graffiti on the whole sneaker, which makes the wearing girls lovely and young.

The graffiti LOGO is really attractive

Nike has the sneakers with graffiti interested by the kids, and its SWOOSHLOGO is painted by hand, which is an excellent design.

Let’s look at the details of graffiti.