Outstanding! The date for sale of Oregon Air Jordan 5 is confirmed!

Air Jordan 5, which was born in 1990, is having its 30th anniversary in 2020. Except for the exposed OFF-WHITE x AirJordan5, there are many best items on the list for sale!

In 2019, the Michigan PE was sold. And in 2020, there would be Oregon PE for sale, which is of the same identity.

It has been said that Air Jordan 5“Oregon” would be sold in 2020. Although there are no photos of real object exposed, the item No. has already been released, and the exact date for sale has been announced today.

It is coming on Sep. 21st, 2020.

For now there are only effective pictures. From the color program, the main tone is apple green, decorated with black and yellow in details.

It is believed that the photos of the real object will be released soon. We will keep focusing on it.

Air Jordan 5 “Oregon”

Item No.:CK6631-307

Date:Sep. 21st


The matched colors and luxury materials! Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 will be for sale at the end of this year

After the release of Air Jordan 1 with very limited quantity last year, the fashion tracer — Aleali May is going to work with Jordan Brand again to release a completely new Air Jordan 1.

This Air Jordan 1 is still very luxury. The shoe face is made of red, blue, pink, purple and other colored chamois. It is very colorful but luxury. The leather show tongue inside also strengthens the luxury feelings.

What’s worth mentioning is that the shoe tongue is designed with the removable fur. It not only adds the luxury feeling but also looks warmer, which fits for the winter.

It is going to be released in December, and the quantity is probably very limited. We will keep focusing on the news and report them at the first time.


Don’t miss it! NC Off-White x AJ1 is going for sale?

After the sudden sales in SNKRS in America and Off-White stores in China, Air Jordan 1「UNC」, the co-work of Virgil Abloh and NIKE is officially coming?

Now, famous brand stores such as UNDEFEATED, sneakersnstuff , and Sneaker Politics, are making foreshows. It will be for sale on June 19th, item No.: AQ0818-148.

A fashion store in LA: UNDEFEATED

A sneaker store in New Orleans: Sneaker Politics

This sneaker, which is called as Off-White x Air Jordan 1「UNC」is inspired from University of North Carolina, which is the alma mater of Michael Jordan. Virgil still takes classic blue-white color of Air Jordan 1「UNC」in design. It is applied with matching style of different materials. It is decorated with red letters like “Zip-Tie”, “Off-White for NIKE”, and “AIR” to enrich the details.

The most popular “toe”! When seeing Air Jordan 1 “Yellow Ochre”, You must want to buy one!

What we should focus now is Air Jordan 1 “Yellow Ochre”, and the following of the topic as well as its sales would definitely be the core of our attention in the following time. It is worth mentioning that the colors of the toe are the focusing of many people. The appearance of this Air Jordan 1 “Yellow Ochre”would meet the demand for us in daily matching and using. As for the design of the sneaker, except the yellow chamois material all covering the shoes, the most obvious symbol is the strengthened toe of the sneaker head. As the main color of the 6 Rings series, the prices are speculated after its sales. now it is priced at 2000RMB, which is reasonable. When you are enjoying the pictures of this sneaker, please pay attention to the relevant channels.

New version coming along with fireworks: the release of Jordan 2018 new year series

The new year comes in the cracks of fireworks! In the beginning of 2018, Jordan Brand comes along with its new year series sneakers! Today we will introduce the typical Chinese styled Chinese New Year series sneaker, which is for the celebration of Chinese new year by Jordan Brand.

The inspiration of this series comes from the Chinese fireworks, indicating saying goodbye to the past and welcome the new. The new sneaker uses the classic AJ 6 as blue print, and it is matched with the latest high tech Air Jordan 32 to match the shoe face. The whole color is bright but not shining. It looks very comfortable.

The color is used black and golden, and it is connected with chamois materials, showing a strong sense of layers. There are colorful fireworks decorations at the shoe body. The designers want to make the feelings of the booming of all the fireworks during the Chinese New Year.

At the end of the shoe sole, there is an embroidery of the King of the flower—Peony. It is lively and it is the national flower of China, indicating the Chinese elements perfectly.

Two Mater sneakers AJ11 are coming at the end of this year! Which one will you buy?

Jordan Brand published two kinds of Air Jordan 11, which are to be sold later. They are Air Jordan「Win Like’ 96」and Air Jordan「Win Like’ 82」.

In 1996, under the lead of Jordan, Chicago Bulls has a historical 72 win and 10 lose in its regular season, and finally kept the champion for the third time. Jordan Brand use this Air Jordan 11 to show respect to MJ’s second hometown—Chicago.

It is known that this sneaker will be for sale on Dec. 19th with all sizes.

Air Jordan 11「Win Like’ 82」shows respect to MJ’s alma mater. In the final of NCAA in 1982, Jordan made the final hit to lead its NC team to get the champion.

This sneaker is designed with the symbol color of North Caroline. It is to be sold on Nov.11 with all sizes!

Which one will you buy?

10 most popular AJ Retro of this season, it is unbelievable that you don’t have a pair

According to the posts on the twitter these days, it is for sure that Hip-pops are more favored for Air Jordan. This year is a welfare year for the Jordan fans. In April, the replica of Royal Blue 1 brings a peak of the sales. it doesn’t matter if you missed that as there are various sneakers in the market for you to choose. The networkers just make a list of the most popular AJ replica sneakers. Let’s have a look at this!

Air Jordan IV Retro


Air Jordan IV Retro


Air Jordan I Retro High OG


Air Jordan Finals Pack


Air Jordan VII


Air Jordan I Retro High OG


Air Jordan XI Low


Air Jordan XIII Low


Air Jordan IV Retro


Air Jordan II & Fastbreak Pack


Air Jordan 13“Black Cat”is for sale this month

As the coming of official sale of Air Jordan 13“Black Cat”, there are more pictures of this sneaker on exposure on the internet. The inspiration of this color is from black leopard so the shoe body is completely black. There are 3M reflection effects in the shoe surface, which makes this shoe outstanding. In the tone of black, the green eyes of cat at the shoe collar give the feeling of green leopard eyes. This color is incredibly good.
Except for the Air Jordan 13“Black Cat”for men, there are smaller size for women and children or babies.

Date for sale:2017-01-21


High-level black up to highest level black—Nike has released dark black FootballX sneaker pack

In recent years, all black football sneakers are especially favored by the manufacturers. Almost all versions of the football sneakers will include the all baclk one. Two months ago, Nike released the Pitch Dark Pack with Mercurial, Hypervenom, and Tiempo series at first, and the Magista series came one month later. With the completed four versions, Nike introduced dark black version into the small-side Football sneaker pack, bringing the dark into the streets and grass lawn.
The FootballX Pitch Dark Collection released now includes only MagistaX, MercurialX, and HypervenomX. Dark TiempoX is not included because TiempoX’s dark color was released earlier.
FootballX is the small-side football pack for the replacement of FC247 seires. With the replacement, Nike’s footballX pack is being positioned higher, and is gradually catching up with football packs in rich versions. Of course, the prices are also going up along. For now, the FootballX has four series: MagistaX, MercurialX, HypervenomX, and TiempoX. From their names, it is not difficult to know they are derived from the full-side football sneakers.
FootballX is particular with its materials. The best FootballX is used the full-side football sneaker’s vamp with IC or TP shoe sole, and is sold for 120 to 140 euros. Compared to the full-side football sneakers, the price is lower but it is among the top of footballX. The time when footballX sneaker equaled cheap sneakers is gone, the footballX sneakers are no longer what they are before. FootballX has different levels. Taking MercurialX series as an example, the best one is MercurialX Proximo, then comes MercurialX Finale, and MercurialX Pro next, with lower prices and cheaper materials for customers with different demands to choose.

All the sneakers of FootballX are designed for the street, indoor, and man-made grass lawn. Usually every sneaker would have both IC and TF shoe soles for indoor, and man-made grass lawn. Compared with FG and AG versions, the IC and TF have better damping effects, reducing the pressure for the knee. It is better for the arthrosis when in worse fields. The comfort is considered in the design of every single football sneaker, and they can also be worn to go to streets sometimes, whose high-top is eye-catching.